Comfortable, courteous, and respectful family transportation. This service will allow family members to focus on the important events that memorialize a loved one without having the added stress of transporting self or family members to and from venues.


The services in this category will be billed at a flat rate based on a 2 1/2 hour minimum. It will include unlimited transportation within Fargo-Moorhead during that period of time.
Unlimited Trips
Multiple Pick-Up Points
2.5 Hour Minimum
In the case of vehicle convoys to and from a cemetary, the driver will take a position in line of the family’s choosing. Unless otherwise directed by the customer, the vehicle’s radio and the driver’s phone will be turned off during both waiting and travel time. It is important that you contact your funeral director regarding this service. There are funeral providers in Fargo-Moorhead that participate in partnership with Noir 8 Limousine and are able to wrap this service into your funeral package pricing at a reduced flat rate of $200.00.
Often, unforeseen circumstances cause the need for this service to extend beyond 2 1/2 ours. It is important to note that these special circumstances qualify ALL customers to enter into a courtesy or “grace” period of up to 30 additional minutes with NO additional charge. Beyond the 30 minute grace period; billing will be an additional $20.00 for each 15 minute increment of time and payment can be made at the close of service. Family members that are perhaps coming into Fargo-Moorhead attending family memorials can be picked up from the airport, hotels, or residences and transported to a church or cemetery at the standard rates found on the EXECUTIVE SECTION OF THIS SITE. . Keep in mind that the capacity in this particular luxury sedan is FOUR persons.